In February Megan's mother messaged me and said she had a project for me. When she told me that Megan was going to be proposed to, I could I not photograph that?! I made sure that I was available that day. Ryan had found me on Facebook and him and I started messaging to figure out a game plan. He said that he was planning on proposing out at McLain's State Park but he had never been out there since they were would only be up visiting. So, a few time I had went out there and had recorded a few different ideas and locations I had come up with to show him. The day of, I woke up before the sun to make sure I was back in Houghton to meet up with Ryan so I could show him the location in person. At one o'clock, I was in the pine trees impatiently waiting for the magic to go down!

After she said yes, I popped out, grabbed some more pictures and then met up with them a few days later to shoot some more intimate images of them for their engagement. I am so grateful that I was able to be apart of this adventure for Ryan and Megan and I cannot wait for their 2022 wedding!