LONG TIME NO POSTS! I'm sorry for those who have felt deprived from my blog posts, lol!

ANYWAY, I'm back and I have got A LOT to share with everyone! Ashlyn & Cody inquired last winter for their September wedding and I knew while I was chatting with them in 5th & Elm, we were going to have so much fun. When I took their engagement photos, it made me 10x more excited for their big day!

COVID-19 has taken everyone in for a horrible rollercoaster ride this year & the stress that Ashlyn has had to go through in order to still have her scheduled wedding day had been tremendous. Which I'm positive every bride has felt this year.

With COVID-19 put aside, they had a beautiful ceremony on family property right on Lake Superior then afterwards we headed out to Pointe Abbey for more photos and of course ended the night eating delicious food, cutting the beautiful, delicious wedding cake, and crying my eyes out during the first dances (I bawl at every wedding).

Thank you Cody & Ashlyn for choosing me to serve you on your special day!