Ashley & Andrew were originally to be wed in July of 2020 but of course, COVID through them in for a loop! They rescheduled their hot summer July wedding for a cool October day and I believe that this is how it was supposed to work out.

A cabin was rented for everyone to get ready in & during that time, both Ashley & Andrew had left notes & a gift for them to open before their wedding since they wouldn't see each other until their first look.

Also, instead of performing the unity sand ceremony, they took that idea to the next level and made it completely their own. A unity beer ceremony! They both took their favorite brews, mixed them together, & then they each took a drink out of the cup. Both of them were extremely nervous to taste it but I heard it was surprisingly good!

I always have a hard time holding myself together during the first dance, the mother/son dance, and the father/daughter dance. For Ashley, she danced with her mom & also her Grandpa who is one of her favorite people on this earth. Just to see how much those dances meant to her brought tears to my eyes.

I was overjoyed & full of love for this couple & their families.

Congratulations Ashley & Andrew!