Allison, aka the BEST WIFE EVER, planned the greatest surprise for her husband, Dan, when they came to the UP to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Allison reached out to me about a week before they came up and she wanted me to be there, as if that wasn't a surprise itself, y'all she pulled something great off!

I showed up at their Airbnb, a renovated school bus, and that surprised him by itself because he wasn't expecting me obviously! From there, we go down to the beach and when we find a spot to set our stuff down, she gets down on one knee and asks him to marry her again! Of course you know his answer! After he said yes for the second time, she pulls out his boutonnière, her bouquet, and the book that holds their wedding vows. So not only did she propose, but they renewed their vows on the beach too! At this point, my heart was in a melted blob in the sand because WOW. But then Allison pulled something else out of her "bag of tricks": their champagne flutes!

You guys, proposal, renewing vows, champagne flutes, and as if that wasn't enough to make me melt, I played their wedding song: Then by Brad Paisley, as they danced on the beach! *cue the tears*

After their romantic moments on the beach, we headed back to their Airbnb and took some photos in the bus and man oh man, what a beautiful places to stay! Their whole evening, everything, was perfect!